MARCH 4  -- MARCH 10
The challenge is complete.  It was an experience that surpasses anything I can remember. It is amazing what these veterans have accomplished. We all owe them a BIG debt  I want to thank Tom and his team of Legion Riders from Virgina for letting Chapter 84 help out with the escort duties. We even had a rider from Chapter 392, Panama City to escort the rider to Tallahassee.
Tallahassee had the honor of hosted the R2R Gulf State Challenge. This event is part of the Wounded Warrior Project. These Veterans (200 strong) started in New Orleans and ended here in Tallahassee, The Riders Chapter 84 Joe Dubois and Jim Brennan, CHAPTER 392 PANAMA CITY Ben Rausa, CHAPTER 10 VIRGINA Tom and group had the honor of escorting the riders from Panama City to Tallahassee. This was the hardest thing I have done since boot camp. It took 6 hours at 20 +- mph to make the trip, but I will do again and again just to see the men and women (Veterans) get out there on bicycles and ride. I spoke with one veterans who lost his leg, right hand and had an nervous system that has to be charged to keep his heart and lungs operating and I never heard him say I can't do it. This attitude ring out through the entire group of riders.